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Commercial Dual Action Electronic Descaler

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Our compact dual action (both electromagnetic & magnetic) scale inhibitor packs a powerful punch.Able to combat scale in all pipework & equipment these units are guaranteed for 3 years, very easy to fit & are CE marked.


Product Features

  • Reduces Scale

Ceramet controls scale in showers.  Its active surface ionizes the water, reducing surface tension and reducing scale.

  • No plumbing required

Complete DIY fitting kit.  No plumbing required.  Elegant Chrome long reach tap and all necessary fittings to plumb in your super water filter.

  • Saves money

Scale not only causes breakdowns in washing machines it also increases the amount of electricity required per wash.
Our washing machine filter stops scale build up and saves money.

  • Stop Scale

Stops scale in pipework and equipment, saving money and maintenance costs.

Technical Specs

• Black acrylic

• (w) 120mm
• (h) 50mm  
• (d) 100mm

Product life:
• 3 year guarantee

 • Combats scale in all pipework and equipment

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