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Chemical free, Salt Free, Maintance free, Power free, Guaranteed Scale prevention and removal.

Our Water Softener is capable of 99.99% Scale prevention and removal. It does not require regeneration or backwashing. 50% more effective than basic vessels.

We are so confident that our unit will outperform our competitors that we offer a 3 year peformance guarantee - Units using Polyphosphate (our nearest competitors) remove only 81% of Scale, release chemicals into the water and require regular replacement.

The unique media creates a ceramic template which allows the calcium ions to form into non-scaling crystals (guaranteed). Comes complete with post filter as shown in the image gallery.

Product suitability:

  • 20 ltrs per minute flow

Suitable for combination boilers or 1 bathroom homes
Price: £449.00

  • 40 ltrs per minute flow

Suitable for 2/3 bathroom homes
Price: £649.00

  • 60 ltrs per minute flow

Suitable for the larger home or commercial premises
Price: £699.00

Aquatiere No Scale

Saltless water softening system

  • No Salt

  • No separate drinking water tap

  • No drain

  • No regeneration

  • No wasted water

  • Kills bacteria

  • Balances pH

  • Eco friendly

  • No power

  • Resin lasts for 4 - 5 years

Features our unique vortex vessels

  • Higher flow rates

  • Self cleaning

  • Simple to refill

Technical Data


NS20/NS20 Plus

NS40/NS40 Plus

NS60/NS60 Plus










¾" BSP

¾" BSP

1" BSP

Max. Flow Rate

25 ltr/min

40 ltr/min


Max. Pressure

6 Bar

6 Bar

6 Bar

Min. Pressure

1.5 Bar

1.5 Bar

1.5 Bar

Max. Temperature

50° c

50° c

50° c

Product Features

  • Reduces Scale

Ceramet controls scale in showers.  Its active surface ionizes the water, reducing surface tension and reducing scale.

  • Water saving

The venturi holes in the shower handle face force air into the water reducing water use during your shower.

  • Low ongoing cost

The ceramet granules are less expensive that replacement cartridges and units.

  • Saves money

Scale not only causes breakdowns in washing machines it also increases the amount of electricity required per wash.
Our washing machine filter stops scale build up and saves money.

  • Stops spotting on glassware

Our dishwasher filter contains Ceramet SP which uses template assisted crystalisation to convert the minerals in the water into non-spotting sub-micron crystals.  Glasses and dishes are cleaner

  • Whole house treatment

Aquatiere make saltless water softeners
and whole house water filters that are environmentally friendly and protect your home from the damage hard water can produce.

  • Great for health and wellbeing

Our water filters produce non-scaling, mineral enriched, anti oxydent, alkaline water for health and well being.

  • Drinking Quality Water

Our specially formulated ceramet media purifies your normall tap water into drinking quality water.

  • No waste water

This product produces no waste water and in turn saves you money.

  • Maintainance free

Simple to replace ceramet sp resin
Simply unscrew the top of the no scale unit and pour in the replacement Ceramet sp resin.

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