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Our premium saltless softener mimics the effects of a traditional salt based softener - Softer water feel - Less soap used - No spotting on surfaces!

Our supreme softener injects a tiny amount of food grade liquid into the water which produces the feel of salt softened water, reduces soap and detergent use and effectively treats the hardest water.

Scale can comprise or many things – normally magnesium and calcium – but some scale contains other minerals such as chalk or even iron. These forms of hard scale need a specific treatment in the form of a chelating agent (a liquid that coats the scale particles to prevent them from sticking together and coating pipe and equipment surfaces).

Complete whole house water treatment in one unit - great tasting filtered water - no scale.

The ultimate solution for scale and skin conditions

  • Patented 4 stage filtration

  • Ceramet inside

  • Whole house treatment

  • No salt required – No separate tap – No drain

  • Proven to help eczema and psoriasis

  • Complete with brackets and fittings

  • Great for normal / dry skin and hair

20 ltrs per minute flow
Suitable for combination boilers or 1 bathroom homes

Price: £630.00
+ Delivery

40 ltrs per minute flow
Suitable for 2/3 bathroom homes
Price: £650.00+ Delivery

60 ltrs per minute flow
Suitable for the larger home or commercial premises

Price: £762.00
+ Delivery

Product Features

  • Proven to help eczema and psoriosis

Thousands of people now use our filters to control the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.  Visit our blog to read our happy customers comments.

  • Removes chlorine

Chlorine in a shower can cause brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and red irritated eyes. Medical studies also suggest that chlorine can agitate pre-existing eczema or asthma.

  • Kills bacteria (including Staphloccocus aureus)

Eczema flare ups are created by a common bacteria which enters the top layer of the skin.  Ceramet the media within our shower filters kills this bacteria.

  • Reduces Scale

Ceramet controls scale in showers.  Its active surface ionizes the water, reducing surface tension and reducing scale.

  • Extends hair colour life

Chlorine strips the colour from hair. Our shower filters remove 99.9% of chlorine from the water making it kinder on your hair increasing the colour life, softness and shine.

  • Contains Ceramet

Aquatiere filters contain our own ceramic filter media CERAMET which controls bacteria, reduces scale and enhances pH balance.

  • Anti-oxidant Alkali water

Our filters produce anti-oxidant alkaline water which combats acidity, flushes out toxins whilst restoring your bodies natural electrolyte balance.  It also provides active hydrogen and healthy minerals such as Mg, K, Ca, and Na.

  • Saves money

Scale not only causes breakdowns in washing machines it also increases the amount of electricity required per wash.
Our washing machine filter stops scale build up and saves money.

  • Stops spotting on glassware

Our dishwasher filter contains Ceramet SP which uses template assisted crystalisation to convert the minerals in the water into non-spotting sub-micron crystals.  Glasses and dishes are cleaner

  • Improves lawn and plant growth

Our Garden Hose filter removes chlorine, balances the pH and adds essential minerals to encourage plant and lawn growth.

  • Whole house treatment

Aquatiere make saltless water softeners
and whole house water filters that are environmentally friendly and protect your home from the damage hard water can produce.

  • Great for health and wellbeing

Our water filters produce non-scaling, mineral enriched, anti oxydent, alkaline water for health and well being.

  • Vortex

Our vortex tank system improves the performance of our ceramet sp media by 15%

Technical Specs

NS 20 S - 1 Bathroom Home

Construction:                   Dimensions:                   Product life:                        Details:
• Black ABS                  • (w) 150mm                 • 3 year guarantee               • Media lasts for 4-5 years before replacement.
                                  • (d) 150mm  
                                  • (h) 330mm  

NS 40 S - 2 Bathroom Home

Construction:                  Dimensions:                    Product life:                       Details:
• Black ABS                  • (w) 175mm                 • 3 year guarantee              • Media lasts for 4-5 years before replacement.
                                  • (d) 175mm  
                                  • (h) 435mm     

NS 60 S - 3 Bathroom Home

Construction:                   Dimensions:                   Product life:                        Details:
• Black ABS                  • (w) 175mm                  • 3 year guarantee              • Media lasts for 4-5 years before replacement.
                                  • (d) 175mm  
                                  • (h) 435mm

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